Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa

The first co-production of Mondo TV Iberoamerica,
with Alianzas Producciones, of a fiction teen series.


Technical data

Format: 60×45′
Genre: Youth Fiction

Author: Marcela Citterio
Director: Jorge Montero

Protagonists: Chiara Francia, Mercedes Lambre, Victoria Ramos, Vico D’Alessandro, Melisa Garat, Nicolas Riedel, Monica Bruni, Frank Francia, Fernando Fernández, Florencia Benitez, Mario Guerci, Sol Estevanez , Adriana Salonia, Minerva Casero, Santi Achaval, Joaquin Ochoa, Pepe Monje, Yoyi Francella, Paulina Patterson, Nico di Pace, Tiziano Francia, Sofia Morandi

Mondo TV Iberoamerica, Alianzas Producciones 2016

The history

Originality is not about advancing new things,
it’s about saying them as if they have never been said before.

With “HEIDI, Bienvenida a Casa” Marcela Citterio, creator of such hits as Patito feo, Chica vampiro and Yo soy Franky, reinterprets the classic children’s novel written by Johanna Spyri in 1880, to bring it to television.

Discover the fun adventures of Heidi, a solar girl, optimistic, passionate about music and singing 

who one day is forced to abandon her beloved mountains to move to the big city.

The cheerful image we all have of Heidi will revive in a fantasy universe, brought to television in real image through comedy, humor, music: entertainment directed to children, teens and the whole family

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